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The company EKOINVESTA spol. s.r.o., an important construction-assembly company in the region, was established by its incorporation into the Commercial Register as of 23 January, 1996. Despite its specialization is building equipment and industrial technologies, it is also active and successful in construction and redevelopment of objects of structural, industrial and civil engineering and in environmental engineering.

The company's head is its executive, Mr. Jaromír Derych, who was at the company's origination and constantly leads it to further expansion and improvement for both the customer sand employees.

EKOINVESTA spol. s.r.o. is based in Hranice na Moravě. Because we are active not only in Moravia and Silesia but also in Bohemia (and partially in other European countries), we endeavour to approach and accommodate to customer's needs by going to their premises, allowing us to comply better with their needs and requirements.

Moreover, EKOINVESTA spol. s.r.o. deals for a number of years with manufacture and supply of piping dilatation components, the so-called "compensators". In the spring of 2004 the company bought the technology for manufacture of rubber bellows for compensators. The company also started manufacture of the bellows of several types of rubber materials, allowing the customer to choose bellows for several types of media.

Business name: EKOINVESTA spol. s r.o.
Identification: IČO: 646 18 447

DIČ: CZ64618447

Account number: 194 292 210 277 / 0100

Bank connection: KB Přerov, exp. Hranice
Company headquarters: Třída 1. máje 328

753 01 Hranice