The history of EKOINVESTA began in 1991, as an association of natural persons. Its main business activities were based on years of experience of delivering industrial fittings and pipeline compensation solutions made by SIGMA Hranice. Its activities encompassed complex customized projects delivering solutions using industrial valves, pumping equipment and pipeline technologies. Soon after that, the company’s own initial foray into the production of rubber compensators was launched. It consisted of assembling rubber compensators from purchased semi-products.

Over time, the purely trading company has developed into an assembly company. The projects were implemented in the comprehensive "turnkey" mode, from the bottom to the top. In 1996, the organization transformed itself into a limited liability company. At the same time, changes were implemented in the management and structure of the company, which resulted in its transformation into a purely family business. EKOINVESTA Ltd., thanks to the combination of the experience, energy, ideas and innovative practices of all its employees and associates, has become a reliable and strong partner.

In 2005, the complete production technology of Matador Bratislava a.s. was purchased, and comprehensive production of rubber compensators and pipeline components began. At the same time, the development of new technologies continued, allowing flexible production and the fulfillment of customer requirements to the highest European quality standards.

Since 2008, much attention has been paid to the development and production of steel auxiliary fittings. All products are produced within the philosophy of providing the highest quality and are tailored to the specific requirements of the customers. Products by EKOINVESTA Ltd., supplied under the GKFLEX trademark, are the fruits of the years of experience, background and strong links of the ever-improving family business.

In the course of 2016, partnerships were established with renowned manufacturers of industrial fittings, so that customers could be offered complete and comprehensive solutions for pipelines, consisting of our own products and parts from our manufacturing partners.